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About Thaddeus Macy

My work explores the serenity and familiarity of the mundane - everyday places and objects where both beauty and ugliness co-exist. Places and objects so familiar that they are unremarkable and, hence, so invisible that we seldom pause to see them. It is my hope that the works provide enough new information to the viewer to prompt additional thought. I may be on the right track when someone asks, “Why would you ever want to paint that?”


Inspiration comes from many places. I often turn around and there is a painting. Like a freeze-frame that snaps into place. At other times, I struggle to find a landscape or still-life arrangement that holds my interest. I see no point in figuring out what makes it "click" in my head or a view. In the end, each work whispers its own story. I hope that some viewers may be able to hear it.


Strong influences have come from a number of great artists, some famous, some not. Among these are Matisse, Larry Rivers, Jackson Pollack, Janet Fish, John Baeder, Robert Bechtle, Richard Estes, Richard Diebenkorn, Wayne Thiebaud, Andrew Wyeth, David Leffel, Ronald Ghiz, John Muench, and Leonard Craig and many, many others.

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